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In search of a long term rp partner.

Name: Gwennifer/gwenny
LJ:This one, although I haven't started posting yet but I find livejournal a bit better for writing than tumblr.
Messenger: (I can probably get which ever one you use. I don't really have one other than the google chat.)
Characters I use:Naruto Uzumaki,Sasuke,Shikamaru,Neji,Kiba,Shino Sai (I can pretty much play anyone that is necessary for plot. In fact I like when me and a partner take on a lot of different characters to propel a plot or story forward or just for fun.) I do admit that while I can play Sakura or Hinata if need be I prefer not to. I think the only female character I enjoyed playing as was Tsunade.
Pairings: Naruto/Sasuke (topping doesn't matter for me), Naruto/Shikamaru, Naruto/Sai, Sasuke/itachi..... I pretty much pair any of the boys together.  Haha.
Plot: AU is a lot more preferable right now. Any type you might think of; Victorian era, high school/college, Sci-fi,apocalypse scenario,world war 2, medieval fantasy, feudal Japan.  Anything! In fact the more we plot the more fun it would be. And like I said before if we can take on more than two characters we can build a great universe-story.
Preferences: third person, paragraph style. It does not have to be a novela with like 8 paragraphs! In fact sometimes less is more. All I truly am looking for is some descriptive language and good use of plot and character development. I am keen on dialogue as well so that it will flow along side the description. There's also no need for you to be a Shakespeare. But I personally do tend to write figuratively so I hope you don't mind.
Characters I want to work with: Anyone really. I'm looking for naruto or sasuke. I guess they are my staples. But I'm keen on finding someone that can play an AU itachi. And someone who'd help me bring out my Shikamaru. And I've always been interested in playing with a Sai. Hee! But I'm willing to try with anyone.
***I want to find a long term partner that I can also be friends with ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ but can also understand my schedule. I work an 8 hr shift. But I can reply morning, early afternoon and at night. And I would rather keep our roleplay in email. Much more convenient for me, sorry. Weekends I'm all yours!***So email me as soon as you can so I can get to know you and embark on an awesome journey together!btw, I also do smut but I focus more on story.



Find your perfect RP match.

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