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Looking for a Naruto to my Gaara

Name: Panur / Yuta
Availability: most days, with the general exception of Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Characters you would prefer to use: Gaara

Characters you would like yours to interact with: Naruto

Preferred pairing: Gaanaru/Narugaa

Is there a particular age group you would prefer?: so long as you are above 17, I’ll be content, any younger and I’d start feeling icky…

Timeline/Setting: I was rereading an old (2009) rp… It was pre!shippouden Gaara, and I fell all over again over his personality. This Gaara is pretty childish/selfish and demanding, so if you want the GodKage he has grown to be right now, I don’t think I can deliver atm, since I’m looking for someone to enable me to play this specific scenario.

Story goes right after chuunin exams, with Naruto being handled over to Suna for one reason or another.

AIM/e-mail or any other form of contact: YIM, msn, skype… I do not play over e-mail or AIM.

Any additional information: This is planned to be a long rp, since obviously Garaa isn’t going to figure out what he feels for Naru at age 13. I only play paragraph-type, third person, past tense, hope that doesn’t turn anyone off.

I’m open to any questions, just please remember- if you are gonna contact me over rping, please say so in the request, I get a lot of spam daily, so I generally turns requests off.

Roleplay sample:
Gaara was standing in front of Naruto’s mirror, his expression slightly troubled.

There was a mirror on his own room, and in the bathroom, but Gaara hated his old room, and spent as little time in it as possible.

Something in the lack of personality, in the lack of any sort of even remotely pleasant memory disturbed him greatly, and by now he always spent his time in Naruto’s room anyway, whether the younger boy was actually there or not.

At the moment, he wasn’t. Naruto had sneaked out on a mission, only letting the Kazekage know at the last minute, and he had been gone for eight days now. Gaara wasn’t even sure when he was supposed to return, but that wasn’t what had brought him here.

He lifted his hand (the third time he had done it in the past minutes) and this time he managed to steel himself enough to form the hand seal he needed to produce the desired jutsu.


By the time the puff of smoke dispersed, the Kazekage wasn’t the person standing in front of the mirror anymore, but the smaller body of a pink-haired kunoichi, even if her green eyes held a calculating expression the real Haruno Sakura would never be able to emulate.

What was so special about this girl?

Gaara lowered his/her arms, staring critically at the kunoichi’s body. The last time he had seen her, he had been able to tell that Haruno had filled out more pleasantly than the first time they had met, and wore clothing that was a bit more flattering to her figure. Her hair was still about the same length than then, and her appearance in general was more slender and gently curved.

And she had pretty eyes.

Yes, Haruno was pretty, he could see that…. But he had no idea what made her so much more eye-catching than anyone else. Even if she had more of a body shape now, her body wasn’t that developed, and personally, Gaara found both Hyuuga sisters much more physically attractive, especially the older one.

He wondered what Haku would have looked like. Naruto had said he had found him much more attractive -prettier- than Haruno.

With a sigh, he turned around, making unconsciously sure to be facing away from the mirror before dispelling the jutsu and dropping rather gracelessly on the blonde’s bed, slowly moving until he could press his face against the younger nin’s pillow.

If Gaara could have done anything to make himself more attractive (prettier) to Naruto he would have done it by now. But henges dispersed and he didn’t want to use genjutsu on the younger boy, more out of being sure he would find out sooner rather than later than anything else – Baki-sensei’s lessons had paid off well on the younger blonde.

The Kazekage`s popularity with females had increased dramatically over the last year, but- Naruto was always making weird comments. He’d start with saying something vaguely complimentary and then he’d look uncomfortable or plainly add “But not like a girl!”. So apparently, girls found him attractive and Naruto didn’t, exactly because he wasn’t one.

Gaara wasn’t in an emotionally depressive state to start wishing he had been born a woman… but not really by much.

It’s not like if there were that many options other than that one, anyway…



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